is an organization dedicated to the growth, progression, unity, and expansion of skateboarding in Indonesia. Organized by skateboarders for skateboarders while running the management professionally.The organization is established under the Republic of Indonesia law and have two offices,

:::contact Person: Charlie
:::mobile phone: +62 818 225128 / 0811225128

Main Organization
ISA is an affiliate of WORLD CUP SKATEBOARDING, the center of International Skateboarding Organization, based in Soda Springs, California, USA.Rules and Regulation of the championship is arranged by the WORLD CUP SKATEBOARDING Standard Competition Guide And Rule Book.

Championship Background
Looking at the vast popularity of the sport of skateboarding, as well as the interest in the sport, starting from children to grown ups, the sport has a high potential in becoming a sport of its own, having a unique entertainment value. Based on the past International performance of the Indonesian athlete, the only drawback is the quantity and the founding it needs. ISA Skateboard National Competition Series 1999 - 2010 concoction is the best example in promoting and giving a chance for athletes to compete and unlock their true potential as a beginner as well as amateur athletes. Not to forget by engaging in a number of activities designed to improve public and government perception of skateboarders and skateboarding as a whole.

By conducting the ISA Skateboard National Competition Series 1999 - 2010 it is hopeful that it will attract the interest of the Indonesian youngsters starting the sport of skateboarding, therefore having a new breed representing Indonesia in international events


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